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So you’d like to be a contributor and featured expert on Clean Your Skin Team? Cool!


We are looking for top-notch trained professionals in holistic beauty to join Clean Your Skin as contributing writers to make an impact, inspire and educate people on the best ways to go green with their beauty routine and lifestyle.

Before you email us, please note that we do not accept submissions from those who are green beauty enthusiasts, lifestyle writers, marketers, cross promotional content sources.

Your email will be deleted if you do not follow the instructions below demonstrating that you are a working professional with multiple years of experience (i.e. getting paid by clients) for your expertise surrounding holistic beauty.

Benefits of writing for CLEAN YOUR SKIN

You’ll be reaching a wider audience of enthusiastic, engaged and intelligent readers who are passionate about this niche topic, further establishing yourself as a credible expert while inspiring massive change globally.

For each article you contribute, CLEAN YOUR SKIN will share your article across our extensive social media channels, tagging you whenever possible.

Your work will be featured as a part of our newsletter communications.

When you are asked to join the Team as a regular contributor, we’ll post your photo, bio and links to your website on our “Meet The Team” page.


In order to keep the quality of our content first-rate we have a brief, yet important process for any new experts wishing to share valuable information and gain further exposure for themselves.

To get the approval process started, we’d like to know a bit about you. Please email us all of the following information:

A concise description of your professional training and background (journalism and blogging are not considered pro level) that makes you an expert in one or more of the following areas of holistic beauty:

♦ Makeup

♦ Skin Care

♦ Hair Care

♦ Self Care (nutrition, spirit and wellness)

♦ Environment

Links to your website or blog.

Three article titles with brief descriptions on what you’d like to write about. Please read the content guidelines below to make sure your pitches are on point.

Please note, we will not accept submissions from people who work for marketing companies looking to embed outbound links to other sites/brands/products/services for promotional reasons.



Content: Submit only original content to Clean Your Skin that hasn’t already been submitted to other websites or been published to blogs (including personal blogs).

Tone: Your content should be informational, approachable, feel-good and clear.

Word Count: Posts should be between 300-800 words. If you want to dive deep on a topic, break it up in parts and create a series.

Research Based: Any claims you make, unless they are commonly accepted as fact, need to include sources from reputable publications as a footnote at the end of your articles.

Thoughtfully Written: Please be careful to edit for typos and grammatical errors. If you don’t feel this is your strong suit, have someone who is better at it review your work before submitting it.

Images: We appreciate beautiful imagery to accompany your posts and kindly request that you supply photos that highlight your topic, and all mentioned product photos whenever possible.

Please keep in mind that quality and size are very important. We require a minimum of 700 pixels wide for main images. Smaller images are acceptable when they are singular photos of a product.

Images must be royalty free with indefinite use on the web, professional looking, preferably horizontal and should relate to the topic of the article. Here are links to websites that carry free images you can use:





Flickr is a great site when you need photos of anything (except people). You must select the appropriate check boxes when searching within the Creative Commons so we can use what you find there without getting into trouble. Then copy the link to the flickr user’s page where the work was found so we can credit them.


Turn this into a sales platform for yourself or your brand. When in doubt about incorporating a mention of your brand/services, please ask.

Use copyrighted or trademarked information, photos or other material without written permission which would allow you to post the material on CLEAN YOUR SKIN.

Slander specific brands, people or companies.

Promote fear or overly extremist ideas.

Insert your own affiliate codes into any products you mention.

Repost the same/very similar article to your website or other blog as it dilutes the impact of your content on CLEAN YOUR SKIN.


Send in your bio, written in third person in 150 words or less. Tell us what makes you an expert; why you have chosen to have a career focused on holistic, green practices.

Send us whatever links you’d like added to your user profile: website and social media accounts.

Submit at least one color photo of yourself that is around 400 pixels in height and width. You should look approachable, bright and crisp. The image should appear professional (even if it’s not professionally shot). Basically don’t send us a picture of you at a party holding a cocktail.


Your articles will be reviewed for editing, and we may make “minor” edits at our discretion, which may include reworking the title.

If there are any large edits or changes to be made, we will send you those notes to review so you can make changes and resubmit your work.


We request that you frequently:

Make sure to quickly follow up with your commenters so as not to lose momentum.

Promote your article on your social media channels.

Engage on social media (our facebook, instagram and twitter pages) with those who have commented or shared your article.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Now that you’ve done all that, make sure to keep the flow going!

Get started on your next article idea. Send us your pitch, start writing and upload your draft articles as often as 2x/month.


By submitting your work to https://moleswartsandskintagsremovalreview.org (The Site), owned by Clean Your Skin, LLC (CLEAN YOUR SKIN) for publication, you agree to the following terms:

In the case that either party requests your profile to be removed from the site as a contributing expert, the request must be in an email. From the date of your request, it will be a maximum of 10 working days to remove you from the site, or sooner when possible. We retain the right to remove any expert at will from The Site for any reason we deem fit. You’ll be given as much reasonable notice as possible via email, but we don’t promise any specific time for notification.

CLEAN YOUR SKIN retains the option/right to keep the articles you have authored for The Site indefinitely, even if you are no longer a regular contributor. You will not receive payment or compensation now or in the future for any articles you submit to CLEAN YOUR SKIN or for being featured as one of the CLEAN YOUR SKIN Experts.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CLEAN YOUR SKIN, its managers, directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from you or your company’s deliverables, products, goods, information or services provided.

Being a contributing writer and/or featured expert on CLEAN YOUR SKIN does not imply any partnership, joint venture, co-ownership, agency, or employment relationship between the two parties.