What To Soak Your Feet On To Remove Dead Skin

There is a high possibility that your feet have dead skin due to various reasons. Are you looking for a way to easily get rid of that? What to soak your feet on to remove dead skin is all you need?

Having dead skin on your feet is embarrassing because it makes your feet ugly and uncomfortable. It is also a sign of unhealthy feet. Feet with dead skin are usually dry, rough and ugly.


What causes dead skin on your feet?

Different factors may cause dead skin on your feet.

- Using harsh soaps. Harsh soaps have chemicals which may affect your feet negatively. Harsh soaps increase the possibility of acquiring dead skin.

- Overweight. Carrying more weight leads to the acquisition of dead skin on your feet at a high rate.

- Certain medical conditions. Medical problems like diabetes, eczema and other diseases might cause your feet to have dead skin.

What to soak your feet on to remove dead skin

If you want pliable and soft feet, you need to know what to soak your feet on to remove dead skin. It is always wise to remove dead skin from your feet before it develops a burning sensation which might make you feel uncomfortable. Below is a comprehensive guide on how you can get rid of dead skin on your feet.

1. Warm water

Did you know that home remedies like look warm water can eliminate dead skin from your feet? It does this by loosening dead skin that has accumulated on your feet and also relieves muscle strain.

- Fill a bucket with warm water

- Let your feet soak it for 20 minutes

- Scrub your feet and rinse with clean water

- Use a soft towel to dry them.

- Use lotion to moisturize your feet

- Wear a pair of socks before retiring to bed

- Do this regularly

2. Epsom salt

Epsom salt can get rid of dead skin because it has magnesium. Moreover, it makes blood circulation in your feet faster.

- Use warm water to soak your feet.

- Clean your feet with softening soap.

- Dry your feet and identify if there is any area that needs scrubbing.

- Put warm water in your basin and add Epsom salt.

- Repeat soaking your feet in that water until it cools.

- Get your feet out of that water and let them dry for 10 minutes then scrub them again.

- Soak them in warm water again for about 10 minutes.

- Remove and tap them dry.

- Moisturize your feet and wear socks.

- Do this for three weeks.

3. Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax helps to soften the skin and keep it moisturized. It eliminates accumulated dead skin from your feet.

- Use a double boiler microwave to heat some paraffin wax.

- On the paraffin wax, add coconut oil and mix it well.

- Put the mixture on your feet.

- Wear your pair of socks and let it stay overnight.

- Scrub the application using a soft brush and rinse it with warm water.

4. Lemon

Lemon is typically acidic in nature, and this probably can soften the dead skin cells that have accumulated on your feet.

- Put warm water in a basin

- Add lemon juice to the water and soak your feet in it for at least 15 minutes.

- Scrub your feet with pumice or foot brush.

- Dry the skin after rinsing off the water.

- Apply a moisturizer

Note: Don’t do this if you have any cuts on your feet.

5. Vinegar

If you want to have soft, shiny feet, use vinegar to eliminate dead skin from them.

- Use water and soap to wash your feet

- Add vinegar 1 cup in water (should be 7.57 gallons) and stir well.

- Soak your feet for 45 minutes in the mixture.

- Remove your feet and dry them gently.

- Scrub your feet briefly with pumice or scrubber.

- Apply a moisturizer

- Do this regularly.

​The Bottom Line

You must be relieved right now because you found out what to soak your feet on to remove dead skin.

No more fear of wearing wide shoes due to the ugly effects of dead skin on your feet. There are more ways to remove dead skin on your feet, and the above methods are just some of them.

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