What Causes Forehead Acne

You are just about to attend a formal event, and you notice grave acne on your forehead. You feel depressed because you wanted to have great looks and stand out the rest. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything at this time, but you feel that you have to find a solution.

Are you tired of these ugly spots on your forehead that keep troubling you like a nightmare? Forehead acne is one of the spots that no one will fail to notice. Maybe trying to find out what causes forehead acne could help us prevent it and get a solution too.


What causes forehead acne?

I know you have been trying to find out what causes forehead acne. Digestive disorders are one of the things that relate to forehead acne. Other causes that trigger forehead acne are as follows:

· Dandruff in your hair

Did you know that dandruff in your hair can cause acne in your forehead? Before thinking about how to treat acne, get rid of dandruff in your hair by using anti- dandruff shampoo.

· Clogged pores

Blocked pores are common causes of forehead acne. When there is excessive production of oil in the T-Zone, the pores will be blocked. The result of clogged pores is forehead acne.

· Having an oily scalp

An oily scalp makes oil to seep in, and this leads to clogged pores. That is how forehead acne can also develop. Wash your hair alternatively to avoid your scalp from being too oily.

· Some types of medication

Medications such as birth control pills trigger acne. You need to consult your doctor anytime he prescribes to you any medicine that relates to hormonal issues.

· Problems related to digestion

Forehead acne is mostly a result of digestive problems. Lack of a balanced diet and enough water in the body can cause digestive problems which in turn lead to forehead acne. Other reasons that might result in digestive problems are excessive fried food and anything that interferes with your stomach.

· Excessive Exfoliating

I know you might be trying to get rid of dead skin. If you do it by exfoliating, please avoid overdoing it. Don’t exfoliate more than two times a week.

· Some hair products

Various hair products used for stylings like hair spray and even serum are likely to get in contact with your forehead and cause forehead acne.

· Hormonal causes

Dealing with forehead acne resulting from hormonal factors is tough. Forehead acne can appear before a woman gets her monthly periods. It might be difficult to deal with this, but proper medication could help.

· Too much stress

Stress leads to different diseases like forehead acne. You only need a healthy lifestyle to overcome this type of acne.

Remedies for forehead acne

· Wash your face twice a day

Forehead acne can be prevented by keeping your skin fresh. Wash your face twice with antibacterial soap.

· Exfoliation

Exfoliation is removing dead skin from your face. Facial scrubs can be used for removing dead skin, but you need not overdo it.

· Regularly use shampoo to wash your hair

You now know that forehead acne can be caused by dandruff. Ensure that you wash your face with shampoo to avoid this problem.

· Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can lead to acne. To be well hydrated, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and prevent acne.

· Do exercise daily

Physical inactivity might result in the decrease in blood flow which leads to acne. To increase blood circulation, do more physical activity.

· Home remedies

Some easily available home remedies can aid in getting rid of forehead acne. Some of them include:

- Lemon

- Tea tree oil

- Coriander juice

- Wheat grass juice

- Witch hazel

- Milk etc.

What causes forehead acne can be prevented apart from the genetic factors and hormonal issues that we have no control over. Live a healthy life by doing exercise, drinking water regularly and using the comprehensive guide given above.

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