How To Get Rid Of Baby Acne

As a parent, you will be the first person to notice acne on your baby’s face. Suddenly the pretty little face starts developing red bumps. You feel dismayed, and you struggle in any way to find out how to get rid of baby acne.

Baby acne is a normal condition that has an effect on babies from several weeks to particular months of age. Its primary cause is the exchange of testosterone between the mother and the unborn baby before birth.


Symptoms of baby acne

- Small red bumps may form on the skin of your baby’s face. They appear as boils on the face of your child for example on checks, forehead and the nose. This is a kind of baby acne is experienced by babies two weeks after their birth.

- Tiny white bumps may appear on the chin and nose of your baby.

How to get rid of baby acne

How to get rid of baby acne can be done in two ways. You can either use home remedies or seek medical treatment.

· Home treatment

- Use mild baby soap and water to wash your baby’s face. The water should be warm, and you should do this on a daily basis.

Only use soaps formulated for babies. If you use soaps meant for adults or adolescents, the outcome may not be good.

- Part the skin dry gently

To gently pat the skin of your baby, use a soft bathing towel to pat the skin and make it completely dry. Scrubbing or wiping the skin of your baby can cause irritation.

- Avoid using oily lotions

Don’t apply lotion on the face of your baby. Lotion can worsen the situation. Adding more oil to places affected by acne make the acne to increase.

- Don’t be tempted to squeeze the bumps

If your try to “pop” the bumps, you will hurt your baby and expose the affected area to infections.

- Patiently wait for the acne to disappear

It may take a couple of weeks to months for baby acne to disappear if you don’t use special treatment. It may look awful, but it doesn’t cause discomfort or severe pain on your child. It can last for five to six months.

- Avoid using over the counter medicine meant for adolescents

Acne is a common problem with many teenagers, and teenagers have a particular medication intended for them. Those ointments and creams used by teenagers to cure acne should not be used on your baby’s skin. They are too harsh and make the baby’s skin to be too dry.

· Medical treatment

If your doctor gives you permission, you can use over the counter medicine. It is only in exceptional cases that your doctor may allow you to use mild ionic colloidal silver solution or 1% hydrocortisone cream. These creams are remedies for itchy dry skin and sometimes painful skin.

Such creams soothe the skin, hence reducing the production of oil which makes the skin complexion clearer. Make sure they don’t get in your bay’s eyes as they can hurt him.

- Request for the prescription cream

Sometimes baby acne can be painful and may last for several months. In this case, your doctor can prescribe acne cream to make the skin of your child clear. The Retinoid cream that you will be given controls the growth of skin tissues.

How to get rid of baby acne can be done through home treatment or seeking medical advice. Baby acne can also disappear after four months if you take time and wait. You don’t have to worry too much about this condition because it is normal and can be treated.

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