How to Make DIY Face Primers For Oily Skin

DIY Face Primers For Oily Skin

For those people having oily skin type, you know that your face needs a primer that would regulate the production of excess oils to dry your face at least for some time. 

This is because your skin produces much oil thus you will never get dry, and you should never apply an oily primer.

Therefore, when making your DIY face primer, you will need some favorite recipe to make a primer that would aggravate the sebaceous glands, even more, controlling the production of oil.

If you don't feel like using a homemade primer, you can use some professional primers from famous brands. Click here for a complete list of affordable face primers for oily skin types.

If you want to try a natural DIY face primer, read on my guide below!

What you need

First of all, it is better to gather all the equipment that you will need right there with you. Make sure you have 3 tbsp:

You will need to have your favorite mattifying sunscreen lotion about 3 tbsp. You will also need 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel.

Note that am not promoting any product but am saying, use your favorite products. So if you another product you use instead of Aloe vera, then work with it.

You will also need a tbsp of your favorite foundation or concealer, and some mineral powder should also be there.

You will also need an empty container and a mixing spoon. The Preparation Method For Oily skin If you have everything ready at your disposal, then the process becomes easy as you can make it ready within five to ten minutes.

The whole process becomes easy and only depends on how much primer you intend to prepare. If you want to prepare a primer for just ten days, then that can take you about ten minutes.

Step 1: You will need to to have a clean and sterilized empty container where you will add your aloe vera.

As you are preparing a primer for your oily skin, it is better that you add more aloe vera gel than the moisturizing cream that you usually prefer.

This will give you a primer texture that comes in a gel form that hydrates your oily skin making it bouncy.

Step 2: You will then add a small amount of moisturizer and make sure it is less than the aloe vera you already added to your container.

This small amount is only added to make your primer somehow creamy but not very thick.

Having the mixture, the primer will be easily absorbed into the skin with enough moisture.

Step 3: Then add only a single pump to your favorite foundation. If you mess up and exceed this, your primer will become messy, and you won't even like to apply it to your face.

The foundation added is only to match your skin tone and to boost your skin color preparing the skin for more makeup that you are going to add.

Step 4: This is now where you pick up your spoon and mix the three ingredients properly till you get that pretty creamy paste that you will use.

You just need to mix it slowly to obtain the soft and gentle paste that will easily absorb into your skin.

The Final Face Primer

Now you have your primer that you will use on your daily basis. The primer you have is now more gel-like texture and will be suitable for oily skin and can be absorbed easily and fast.

After applying it gently on your face, you will find that your skin becomes well hydrated and appears well nourished.

The Bottom Line

As you all know, a primer is a face premier applied to your face to prepare the skin for more makeup. It also makes your makeup stay for long hours without getting off.

It allows you to apply the rest of your make up easily without worries. No sticky feeling or unpleasant skin.

Since many people have used the DIY homemade primer, you can get many testimonies out there confirming the importance of preparing your primer.

It is more convenient as you can prepare any amount. It offers you the subtle glow for long hours and regulates oiliness on your face for long hours offering you refreshing time.

Now that you have the simplest guide on How to Make DIY Face Primers For Oily Skin go for it right away and stay cool.

This guest post is written by Jenny at Support Your Beauty. Check out her latest article here:

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